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Abdus Salam Science Fair Competition

  • Sep 21 / 2015
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The Abdus Salam Science Fair at the Quran and Science Symposium is open to men and women of all ages. Registration for women is through the Ahmadi Women Scientist Association (AWSA) here. We welcome any posters or projects that were presented within the last one year, including at the 2015 Quran and Science Symposium held last November, at school, or at a recent scientific meeting. The Abdus Salam Science Fair is split into two parts: (1) The Abdus Salam Secondary School Science Fair and (2) the Abdus Salam Undergraduate and Research Fellows Science Fair.  Judging will ultimately be divided based on the number of participants in various age groups. Please see below for further instructions and tips on creating a project. And click here to register.

 Science Fair Instructions and Tips

Who can submit a project?

Men of any age or academic level (Women will have a seperate process, website found here ). This includes elementary school all the way up to a full professor, however, any projects submitted at the professional level will be exhibition only.


Do I need to register?

Yes, please register your project title and a list of the authors, so we can best prepare for your

project and send you further details as they emerge. An abstract is recommended, but optional.


Any guidelines for my project?

Posters should not exceed 4 feet by 8 feet in total dimension and should be free standing using a

trifold. We ask that you please bring your own trifold. If this is not possible, please contact Dr. Karim

Sharif at karimasharif@gmail.com or (646) 379-9204 at least one week prior to Jalsa. Hands on

model projects should not contain any hazardous material, be free-standing, and should not occupy

more than a 2 foot by 2 foot by 2 foot space. Projects should preferably reference the Holy Quran in

some shape or form.


More tips

Can you suggest ideas for projects?

A natural phenomenon. A replica of a robotic arm. Solar power in action. Does fast-food cause

obesity or worsen diabetes, and does that relate to be eating moderately from the Holy Quran? Tick

bites and Lyme Disease. How much oxygen does a plant make? Why are honey bee populations

currently getting depleted? What is gene cloning? How does a transistor work?


Can you provide templates to create a poster?

Here are a couple of PowerPoint (.ppt) templates you can download to help jump start your


1. A single overriding ppt file that can be sent to print at FedEx or Staples or any large print store,

usually online and just big enough for a trifold. Cost effective if printed out in black and white (usually

about $10-$20).


2. Or go for the standard 5 in by 11 inch copy paper template that can be cut and pasted to a trifold.

This would be the most cost-effective and quickest solution.


To see some examples of projects submitted in previous years, click here.


Do I get a chance to present my project in person?

Good news. If you are comfortable, you will have the chance to briefly introduce your project to the judges

and general audience; the exact amount of time given to you will depend on

the total number of projects. You may want to write out some points or put together a script and

rehearse it as well. Also be prepared for interesting questions from the judges. This part is low key

and optional. We want you to be recognized for your work.


How will my project be judged?

There will be several judges to evaluate each participant’s project and presentation. The judging criteria can be found here.


Will there be prizes?

Everyone who participates is a winner, and all of your names will inshaAllah go to Huzur for prayers,

as long we can track you by online registration. And yes, your project will entered into a judging

category that will be based on your age or level of training. And there will be cash prizes, medals, and more.


Can you provide tips on creating a winning project?

Start with a reference from the Holy Quran and ask how it relates to solving an important question or

understanding an important phenomenon in science. Based on this, simply tell a brief scientific story

or answer an important scientific question.


Who can I contact if I have more questions?

Good question. Please email or call Dr. Karim Sharif at karimasharif@gmail.com or (646) 379-9204.


Can you provide an example of a three to five minute oral presentation of a poster?

I thought you might ask. Below is an example from a previous participant:

Assalamo-alaykum. My name is Ahmed, and I am a sixth grader from the Pittsburgh Jamaat. The

title of my poster is “A neighbor’s tick bite and the risk of Lyme.” The focus of my poster is on a true

story of how my family and I figured out whether my next door neighbor’s tick bite would lead to

Lyme Disease. The poster is inspired by verse 27 of Sura Baqara from the Holy Quran.


The translation is “Allah does not feel shy (or embarrassed) at mentioning the example of even a

small insect because of what it carries above it.” Hazrat Khalifatul Masih IV (rahmullah alaihe)

explained that in this verse Allah has attached wondrous things within what appear to be even the

most insignificant creatures; some of these things are bad, and yet others have important benefits

that we haven’t yet figured out. A tick is no exception.

Thus the aims of my poster were to examine why a small tick bite can be a serious issue, to

understand how Lyme Disease is transmitted from a tick, and to assess the risk of Lyme Disease

after a tick bite. My research led us to analyze under a microscope the type of tick my neighbor was

bitten by, whether the tick could carry Lyme Disease, and the early and late signs of the disease. To

find out what we concluded about my neighbor’s relatively small but really important tick bite, please

see the details of my poster. Jazakallah.